Essbase 21c: A new version available at the end of 2020

Essbase strikes back

Essbase 21c intro

« Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated »

Mark Twain  

Rumors have been circulating about the death of Essbase for several years. Since the release of and 12c (for OBIEE) in 2015, the engine has hardly seen any changes for on-premise installations.  


And yet, Essbase was still evolving deeply, but only for the Oracle Cloud. Versions 19c, 20c, have been released… The Hybrid calculation engine is greatly improved, the latest development technologies are used, and above all, the look-and-feel of Essbase has been modernized. Essbase has become sexy! 


And what about all the on-premise customers who are languishing from standing still? Take heart, Oracle announces the release at the end of 2020 of Essbase 21c which will be available for on-premise platforms! And this is a real gem, we have verified it! 


No more suspense, I present it to you right away. 

Modern and intuitive ergonomics

An 100% web interfaceenhanced UI… 

Capture d'écran - Essbase 21c

What would be your reasons for migrating to Essbase 21c from 

On the business side as for administrators, there are plenty of reasons to migrate to 21c. Beyond modern and intuitive ergonomics, this new version of Essbase provides many benefits to its users … 

  • More efficient V2 Hybrid engine allowing dynamic aggregations and calculations, greatly improving the agility of your processes
  • New Drill-through to source data, multi-cell and recursive, natively integrated in Essbase
  • Catalogue of models to create Essbase cubes
  • Improved Smart View integration with variables prompts when executing calculations, calculation tracking
  • Bye-bye the two-pass calc, and welcome the “solve order”, the data is correct with one calculation
  • Shadow cubes: Ability to update cube data/metadata without impact to end users. You can still access your cube during data restructuration.
  • Audit trail V2 on data modifications
  • Cube Designer to fully Create / Manage cubes in Excel, on the fly
  • Scenario management to create sandboxes to easily perform simulations or what-if analysis, with calculations that only launch on the perimeter of the scenario
  • View all substitution variables in the same window
  • Improved administration interface (Web and Jet UI) that combines the functionality of EAS and Essbase Studio, while applying security
  • New currency conversion engine
  • Perform calculations and report scripts directly from the editor
  • Data analysis directly in the UI
  • Load several data files in a single job
  • Purge application logs and servers on demand
  • Security filters created dynamically via data sources (flat files, etc.)
  • Easy migrations with the LCM V2 utility
  • Simplified connections with Essbase or external data sources
  • Better management of Drill through, data and dimension loading, security filters, partitions
  • Latest tools for automation and administration – CLI, MAXL V2, REST APIs, Java APIs, C APIs
  • Improve the autonomy of administrators with greater access to application files from the UI
Source: Oracle Corporation

What you always have with Essbase

Rest assured! Essbase remains Essbase and keeps, in addition to these new features, all the features that are its strength! 

  • Multidimensional view of your data = business view of your data
  • Self-service query and reporting by users
  • Drill and zoom, slice and dice, pivot and query data quickly and easily
  • Ragged hierarchy support that works really well
  • Asymmetric reporting and queries
  • Powerful calculations
  • Non-technical engine that business users can create and maintain
  • Easy security maintenance
  • Fully integrated with Excel

In shorta real magic filing cabinet! 

No additional cost

And last but to least… Thanks to “BYOL” (Bring your own licenses) you can benefit from the new features of 21c without any additional license cost! Indeed, you can use your existing Essbase + (EPM), Essbase standard (for non-EPM installations), or BIF licenses!

Would you like to try Essbase21c?

Oracle Corporation provided us with a BETA version that we were able to install and deploy in our OBS (Orange Business Services) Cloud.

Make an appointment with us to get an extensive demo of this version’s new features !

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